Look into following code block,

DataTable _table = new DataTable();

//1) Why I need to Convert DataRow again into DataRow by Casting ?
List<DataRow> _rows = _table.Rows.Cast<DataRow>().Select(a => a).ToList();

//2) Why this is not valid?
List<DataRow> _rows = _table.Rows.Select(a => a).ToList();

In first case why I need to convert DataRow again into DataRow? and Why second case not valid?


DataTable.Rows's return type, the DataRowCollection class, dates from the old, dark times before generics, and, thus, only implements IEnumerable rather than IEnumerable<DataRow>.

You can use the shiny new DataTable.AsEnumerable LINQ extension method instead, which returns an IEnumerable<DataRow>:

List<DataRow> _rows = _table.AsEnumerable().Select(a => a).ToList();

In fact, you do not need Select(a => a) at all:

List<DataRow> _rows = _table.AsEnumerable().ToList();

PS: There is a Microsoft Connect feature request to make DataRowCollection implement IEnumerable<DataRow>. However, since an easy alternative is available (AsEnumerable), they probably have other priorities.

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