What is the syntax for adding a locally existing VirtualBox .vdi to vagrant?

There doesn't appear to be an example of alternate URI schemes in the documentation.

Can it also use ssh and httpauth locations?

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You cannot directly "import" a VirtualBox VM into Vagrant.

Basically you'll have to package the existing VirtualBox VM to a box and then add it to vagrant.

NOTE: a box is tarred VirtualBox Exports (could be gzipped).

You would be doing

Package the existing VirtualBox VM (VDI format)

vagrant package --base mybox --output /path/to/mybox.box

See more here => http://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/cli/package.html

Add the box to vagrant

vagrant box add mybox /path/to/mybox.box

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    I eventually found that in the documentation. It could be more prominent though.
    – vfclists
    Dec 18, 2013 at 9:08

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