I’m new to crystal reports and I’m using crystal report 11. I have created a crystal report with a sub report and that sub report filtered by 2 user parameters named “EMP_NAME” and “EVALUATION_YEAR”. Within the sub report I insert a group and in group footer I insert a chart. That chart filtered from above 2 user parameters and from group parameter.

The problem is I need to filter my sub report from “EMP_NAME” and “EVALUATION_YEAR” while filtering my chart only from “EMP_NAME” and GROUP PARAMETER.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you.

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  • What is the grouping field? – craig Dec 13 '13 at 19:10


  • subreport displays one employee
  • subreport displays one year's of employee data
  • subreport includes a graph of all years' of employee data


  • Create an {?Employee Name} parameter in the the main report; link it to {TABLE.EMP_NAME} in the subreport
  • Create an {?Evaluation Year} parameter in the main report; create an {?Evaluation Year} parameter in the sub-report; link two parameter fields; DO NOT LINK TO DATA.
  • Create a graph in the sub-report that will display all years' data (for said employee); place in header section
  • In the sub-report, insert a group on EVALUATION_YEAR; suppress footer; create conditional formula to suppress header if {EVALUATION_YEAR}<>{?Evaluation Year}; suppress details section.

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