I'm importing some 3D models from Rhino 3D to Unity. When doing that I need to import the camera views. In Rhino they have the property Focal length and in Unity we have Field of view. I need to convert focal length to Field of View. I found a formula to convert the values here http://paulbourke.net/miscellaneous/lens/
I'm planning to use this formula
vertical field of view = 2 atan(0.5 height / focal length)
My question is how can I find the value for the height. I'm not sure from where I can get that in Unity.



Maths isn't my strong suit but I do recall the formula was used in a certain BFBC2 fov tool

hFov = 2 * atan(tan( vFov/2 ) * width/height)

Where width and height are your current screen resolution dimensions. I hope this is correct for your purpose.


To answer my question, this is the formula I ended up using at the end. Hope that'll be useful for anyone having a similar issue.

Code in C# in Unity

// Standard film size
int filmHeight = 24;
int filmWidth = 36;

// Formula to convert focalLength to field of view - In Unity they use Vertical FOV.
// So we use the filmHeight to calculate Vertical FOV.
double fovdub = Mathf.Rad2Deg * 2.0 * Math.Atan(filmHeight  / (2.0 * focalLen));
float fov = (float) fovdub;

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