Where is sun-appserv-ant.jar in Glassfish v3

I have created a small sample EJB project and I want to use ant to deploy the application to Glassfish v3.

Ive spent a lot of time on google trying to achieve this and all ant samples seem to refer to a jar file called "sun-appserv-ant.jar" which is supposed to be located in the modules directory of the application server install, however, I cannot find it anywhere, nor can I seem to find the reason why, or if there is even an ant based alternative.



The sun-appserv-ant.xml file was not brought forward with v3.

You are not completely stuck though.

You can read about the Ant exec task, which you can use to trigger asadmin commands.

If you are very adventurous, you may want to investigate the bp-project framework that is used by the sample projects that ship with the Java EE 6 SDK.

You can get a peek at the bp-project framework by looking at the code in the glassfish-samples repository.


You should add the glassfish-ant-tasks module through the GlassFish Update Tool

  • Thanks for the reply. I have done that. However sun-appserv-ant.jar was not added to the modules directory under <install path of App Server>/glassfish/modules Am I missing something – Kirk Jan 14 '10 at 10:24
  • 2
    Its a diffrent jar now ant-tasks.jar, and the interface has changed a little too. <taskdef name="sun-appserv-deploy" classname="org.glassfish.ant.tasks.DeployTask" classpath="${glassfish.dir}/lib/ant/ant-tasks.jar"/> – Luzifer42 Oct 12 '10 at 9:09
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    As of Glassfish 3.1, the module that you need to add is not "Ant," but "glassfish-ant-tasks" – Dan Menes Mar 2 '11 at 22:24

After much agony I found an example of how to use the V3.x ant tools here

The downside, for non-French-speakers, is that it's in French. The upside is that the Java parts are still in Java.

From what I can tell, the Ant tasks now differ significantly from what is documented by Sun (Oracle):

  1. You must use the Glassfish server update tool to get the glassfish-ant-tasks module.

  2. This will cause the file *glassfish_dir*/lib/ant/ant-tasks.jar to be downloaded. That must be included on your classpath

  3. Define an as-ant-init target in your build.xml

    <target name="as-ant-init">
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-deploy"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-undeploy"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-component"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-admin"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-redeploy"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-start-server"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
        <taskdef name="sun-appserv-stop-server"
            classpath="${build-lib}/ant-tasks.jar" />
  4. Write the deployment target. The rules are similar to what's in the documentation, EXCEPT

    A. Remove references to the <server> element that was used in older versions.

    B. All of the attributes that would have been attached to <server> in the older version of the API are now attached directly to the containing element, such as <sun-appserv-deploy>, like so:

    <target name="deploy">
            upload="true" >
                name="My application"
                contextroot="${glassfish.context-root}" />

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