How can I replace for loop of DFS() with for_each loop.Please let me know if there's any other efficient way to create graph or any sites teaching Graph through STL that I can basically use for competitive programming?

void DFS(int s)
  visited[s] = true;
  cout<<s<<"  \n";
  for(vector<pair<int,int> >::iterator it=AdjList[s].begin();it!=AdjList[s].end();it++)

for whole code http://ideone.com/iXO9QO

  • You probably want to take a look at Boost Graph library. It provides implementation of all text-book graph algorithms and more in very efficient and compact C++. – Michael Simbirsky Dec 15 '13 at 6:26
  • Thanks, but I think BGL is not included in simple gcc...so will be unavailable while submitting code to JUDGE,yet can be used in project making I guess... :) – CoderBoy Dec 15 '13 at 6:59

That loop in DFS is very simple, so I doubt you need to use for_each for that. And for your information,

vector<pair<int,int> >::iterator it=AdjList[s].begin();

can just be

auto it=AdjList[s].begin();

Using auto keyword will reduce much volume from your code.

Well, personally I have implemented all major graph algorithms with STL. Seeing your code, I say you are on the right path to competitive programming already. While boost offers all kinds of readymade libraries, STL is sufficient enough for one to implement graph algorithms with.


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