I use ng-repeat to render a html table. My controller looks like so:

app.controller("fooCtrl", function($scope, WebSocket) {
  $scope.foo = [ ... ];

  WebSocket.start(function(data) {
    // this is a callback on websocket.onmessage
    // here is a for loop iterating through $scope.foo objects and updating them

As you can see, I am updating the $scope.foo array periodically. However, my view is constructed like so:

<tr ng-repeat="item in foo">

The problem is, when I update foo, it doesn't re-render my table with new data.

How would I go about this problem?

  • Hi, do you perhaps know how to add an item to the top of a ng-repeat list? I can update my list - the new item is rendered, but it goes to the bottom of the list.
    – lulu88
    Jul 4, 2014 at 13:44

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Did you wrap the update in

$scope.$apply(function() {
  // update goes here

? This should solve the problem.

  • 4
    Additionally, you can just put $scope.$apply() after the changes.
    – Wyetro
    Jul 21, 2015 at 13:41

You probably need to call $apply() to force angular to do a digest cycle when you update the list, like:

 WebSocket.start(function(data) {
      /* your stuff goes here*/

Following code work for me, Whenever you get message from socket you just need to bind your code inside $scope.$apply() function

 socket.on = function (e) {

            $scope.$apply(function () {
               // update you UI over here


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