When I try to test installing my app in the Firefox OS simulator and phone I get "Download stopped" error and the application does not get installed even though the application successfully passes the Firefox validator.

See package manifest.

    "name": "FriendFinder GPS",
    "package_path" : "http://wormholesoft.com/ffos/FriendFinder/FriendFinder.zip",
    "version": "1",
    "developer": {
        "name": "NAME",
        "url": "http://Wormholesoft.com/ffos/FriendFinder/FriendFinder"

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Downloaded your zip from http://wormholesoft.com/ffos/FriendFinder/FriendFinder.zip, unzipped it and removed "type": "certified" from the manifest, as you don't need it for the permissions you currently ask for (geolocation). See the app permissions docs at Mozilla to find out what app types support what permissions and also see about the app types. Then I selected the folder from App Manager to install it as a packaged app and tested it with the simulator and it seems to work fine (I get the login screen).


It could be due to a cache manifest error: http://ngokevin.com/blog/fxos-cache/

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