I have a problem calling a webHttpBinding WCF end point using HttpClient and the BaseAddress property.


I created a HttpClient instance specifying the BaseAddress property as a local host endpoint.

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GetAsync Call

I then call the GetAsync method passing in the additional Uri inforamtion.

HttpResponseMessage response = await client.GetAsync(string.Format("/Layouts/{0}", machineInformation.LocalMachineName()));

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Service endpoint

[WebGet(UriTemplate = "/Layouts/{machineAssetName}", ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
List<LayoutsDto> GetLayouts(string machineAssetName);


The problem I am having is that the is that /AndonService.svc part of the BaseAddress is being truncated so the resultant call goes to https://localhost:44302/Layouts/1100-00277 rather that https://localhost:44302/AndonService.svc/Layouts/1100-00277 resulting in a 404 Not Found.

Is there a reason the BaseAddress is being truncated in the GetAsync call? How do I get around this?


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In the BaseAddress, just include the final slash: https://localhost:44302/AndonService.svc/. If you don't, the final part of the path is discarded, because it's not considered to be a "directory".

This sample code illustrates the difference:

// No final slash
var baseUri = new Uri("https://localhost:44302/AndonService.svc");
var uri = new Uri(baseUri, "Layouts/1100-00277");
// Prints "https://localhost:44302/Layouts/1100-00277"

// With final slash
var baseUri = new Uri("https://localhost:44302/AndonService.svc/");
var uri = new Uri(baseUri, "Layouts/1100-00277");
// Prints "https://localhost:44302/AndonService.svc/Layouts/1100-00277"

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