I have 5 activity , activity A , B , C , D and E. in activity B there are 2 buttons , the BACK and START . When I press the START button it will automatically transfer to activity C . and in activity C , D and E there is a button named NEXT .

In activity C I press the NEXT button . when I press the back(specifically the KEY EVENT) button , it transfers to activity A .

my problem is this . . .

when I start again the START button , I want to transfer it to the previous activity which is the activity C . and so on to acitivity E .


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    Change your question title please. – Max Dec 16 '13 at 12:32
  • Can you be more specific to your question, i am not getting what you are trying to do. – InnocentKiller Dec 16 '13 at 12:33
  • Can you post you code which you have written for START and NEXT button ? – Hardik Trivedi Dec 16 '13 at 12:38

in short! you want to know what was the previous activity?

eg: means C called from A, B called from C.

so to know that,you can pass additional parameter in intent, check the value in activity and act accordingly.

1) Define an interface or constants class to define integer constants to indicate calling activity

public interface ActivityConstants {
            public static final int ACTIVITY_1 = 101;
            public static final int ACTIVITY_2 = 102;
            public static final int ACTIVITY_3 = 103;


2) Add extra parameter in intent while calling Activity2.

        Intent act2 = new Intent(context, Activity2.class);
                act2.putExtra("calling-activity", ActivityConstants.ACTIVITY_1);
    // or ActivityConstants.ACTIVITY_3 if called form Activity3

3) Check the value of this extra parameter in Activity2 and act accordingly..

int callingActivity = getIntent().getIntExtra("calling-activity", 0);

        switch (callingActivity) {
        case ActivityConstants.ACTIVITY_1:
            // Activity2 is started from Activity1
        case ActivityConstants.ACTIVITY_3:
            // Activity2 is started from Activity3

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