can you help me please how to properly use aggregate function in R? I have data like this:

[1,] "Other" "1"  
[2,] "Other" "1"  
[3,] "Other" "1"  
[4,] "Other" "1"  
[5,] "Other2" "1"  
[6,] "Other2" "1"

And I need to get this:

[1,] "Other" "4"
[2,] "Other2" "2"

I found, that it can be done with aggregate function, but it doesn't work..

Thank you guys.. I have marked answer which worked for me..

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    Your biggest problem is that FLOWS is of type character
    – Señor O
    Dec 16 '13 at 21:04
  • Also, you may be interested in the plyr package for collapsing data.
    – stanekam
    Dec 16 '13 at 21:49
aggregate(FLOWS ~ SPORT, dat, function(x) sum(as.numeric(x)))

where dat is the name of your matrix.

Here, the function is.numeric is necessary to transform the second column into numbers.


Assuming your dataframe is named "sport_data", I think you just want:

aggregate(sport_data, sport_data$SPORT, sum)

If you just have individual counts (that are all equal to 1), then "tabulate" may be a simpler option.

Please let us know what kind of errors you are getting. (if this doesn't work, or in the future, in your question)

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