If I create a Java Project at the beginning

some days later,the project becomes larger and the dependency is larger

I want to use maven to manage dependency, what should I do?

I should create (src/main/java src/test/java pom.xml) manually or is there some easy way to do it?

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  • I find use eclipse with m2eclipse:(Java Convert Maven) Project--->Configure--->Convert to Maven Project , add src/main/java src/test/java manually.(Maven convert Java)project--->Maven--->Disable Maven Nature, edit package manually.This way is easy way to do the work.
    – Sam
    Dec 18, 2013 at 3:13

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If you use Eclipse, there is the possibility to convert an existing project into a maven project by right-click on the root project folder > Configure > Convert to Maven Project

in IntelliJ, you can convert it too, by selecting everything you need in the project sturcture settings.


Please follow below steps to migrate from Java Project to Maven Java Project.

1) Create new folder "src/main/java" using File>New>Folder option

2) Enable Dependency Management from the context menu of project>M2 MyEclipse Maven

3) In the 2nd wizard,can add required Dependencies to your project if require.

4) Move already existing packages under "src" folder to "src/main/java" folder

5) Run "Maven Install" from the context menu of project, to install the created project in Maven local repository.

As well as visit :

Using multiple source folders (as intermediate step in a conversion of a large Java project to Maven)

How to convert java project to Maven project or similar


You can convert it using Integration for Apache Maven.
For more info, check here.


You can create an empty Maven project with archetype plugin http://maven.apache.org/archetype/maven-archetype-plugin/generate-mojo.html or IDE. The rest of the job (copying files to proper folders, adding dependencies) needs to be done manually.


In Intellij Idea, right click on the module to which you need to add Maven support:

enter image description here

There is also my screencast on how to quickly create a multi-module project with Idea: How to create an empty multi module Maven project? The same technique could be used to manage modules.

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