When doxygen generates documentation for enum in the namespace, it adds sections of the form

<a name="a1234" doxytag="SomeNamespace::SomeEnumName"></a>

and the a1234 can be use to access the documentation for SomeNamespace::SomeEnumName as follows


This is done by doxygen automatically, but if one need to link to the documentation of SomeNamesace::SomeEnumName from another external page.

Is there a way one can know the a1234 name of the section? or can doxygen be configured to use a more reasonable name for the section which can then be predicted if one knows the entity being looked for? i.e. can doxygen be configured to generate names for sections to be something like

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    Is your external page also Doxygen? If yes, a tagfile is what you are looking for. If not, the generated tagfile (xml) may still help you to extract the information you are looking for in an automated way. – PiQuer Jan 17 '14 at 5:18

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