we recently upgraded our jetty version. when we did this both of our legacy gui war files, which no one has modified in some time, stopped working correctly. I believe I hunted the root cause to the proxy (used to proxy to a restful interface on another port), any call to the proxy throws the exception:

 IllegalStateException: !asyncSupported

I'm not sure why this would occure with 1.9 but not with the old jetty. I can't build the war file currently, it was a mess that only one developer could ever build, but I trid unzipping it with jetty -x and ading to the servlet section of the web.xml file this:


and then rezipping it with jar c command. that didn't seem to help, though now i get exceptions in my jetty log fhile while before they would only show in the browser.

can anyone tell me what to do to activate async support and/or why the switch in jetty would cause this?


Ah, the evolution of the spec ...

  • Jetty 7 was Servlet 2.5 (no async there)
  • Jetty 8 was Servlet 3.0 (async introduced) - spec was vague on what was default, so Jetty defaulted to async-supported == true
  • Jetty 9 is Servlet 3.1 (even more async) - the spec was clarified, and jetty chose its default poorly. The default according to the spec is async-supported == false

That's why you didn't have to specify async-supported in the past, but now you do.

Bug about this bugs.eclipse.org/410893

Commit: 9bf7870c7c8a209f2660f63c14dd4acb62b07533

  • so...is there a way for me to default jetty to this in the jetty configuration rather then the war filse; sicne I can't rebuild the war at this point?
    – dsollen
    Dec 19 '13 at 16:29
  • sorry, there's no quick solution for this. Dec 19 '13 at 16:40
  • feel free to file a bug asking for this enhancement. Could be possible via a custom WebAppContext attribute on a deployable context xml Dec 19 '13 at 16:44

My exception is the same to you. then I put "<async-supported>true</async-supported>" append to every servlet and filter. it work well. For excample



the other hand. if you used jetty9.x. you'd better update your comet jar to version 3.0.x or later. I hope it will help you.


I can't (yet) put this as a comment, but I'd like to add: If you are having this trouble and have added the async-supported tag as appropriate (or are using Jetty 8), make sure your filters also support async or are not used with the servlet in question.

  • Nice addition! Thank you.
    – GintsGints
    Oct 16 '19 at 5:22

For Java based config you may use

@javax.servlet.annotation.WebServlet(name = "HelloWorld",urlPatterns = { "/MyServlet" },asyncSupported =true)

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