I have PhpMyAdmin and MySQL running in Windows 8.

I have installed them using Apache friends XAMPP v 3.1, so I didn’t do any configuration myself.

Currently if I go to localhost/phpmyadmin">http://localhost/phpmyadmin, then it automatically shows my local MySQL db and tables.

That I need is connect to remote server(it has MySQL) and runnig locally in my machine , for teh user of one app.

How can I connect to that server from phpmyadmin. I’ve been trying to find if there any kind of connect panel in phpmyadmin, but no fruit yet.


For rather severe security reasons applicable servers to connect to are not configured at runtime but in the core configuration file config.inc.php. Otherwise a single hacked database account on an edge server could easily expose the entire network for brute force hacking, or tunneling into LAN-only unsecured databases.

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