Hi i have a requirement from our production team, I need to create the logs hourly, I know that winston support daily, but this doesn't help me. It is possible to do this?

You can rotate Winston logs hourly. You need to provide hour (HH) in date pattern.

Please check the sample code below:

var winston     = require ('winston');
var path        = require ('path');

var transports  = [];

transports.push(new winston.transports.DailyRotateFile({
  name: 'file',
  datePattern: '.yyyy-MM-ddTHH',
  filename: path.join("some_path", "log_file_name.log")

var logger = new winston.Logger({transports: transports});

// ... and logging
logger.info("some info log ...", {extraData: 'abc'});

File names will be as follows: log_file_name.log.2013-12-17T16, log_file_name.log.2013-12-17T17 etc.

I hope that will help.

  • I'm trying to use the DailyRotateFile but I'm getting an error. I would like you to take a look in this question, please. Question – André Luiz Feb 2 '16 at 16:41
  • @AndréLuiz, it looks like there was a quite recent change of Winston library (github.com/winstonjs/winston/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md) and at the end of November, 2015, DailyRotateFile transport has been moved to a separate module winston-daily-rotate-file. You just need to add that module to your package.json and require('winston-daily-rotate-file'). I will update my answer shortly. – Tom Feb 3 '16 at 5:26
  • I have installed the module and it is giving me the same error =/. I'm using express winston – André Luiz Mar 7 '16 at 21:55

UPDATED As @Tom has mentioned rotating Logs has moved out of winston and loaded if required

npm install winston-daily-rotate-file

Code sample

const winston = require('winston')
const path = require('path');
let transports  = [];
const { createLogger } = winston;
    new winston.transports.DailyRotateFile({
      name: 'file',
      datePattern: 'YYYY-MM-DD-THH-mm',
      filename: path.join(__dirname, 'rotate_logs', 'log_file.log')
var logger = createLogger({ transports: transports })

Full Example if want to test the above code

function dataLog(secondsPassed){
        let dateNow = new Date();
        logger.info(`seconds passed ${secondsPassed} and Time is ${dateNow}`);
        if(dataLog != 130){ //when reaches 130 seconds stops logging

The result files mentioned in the attached image

Result of rotating logs

EXTRA: I have created winston examples with different use cases, Might be helpful https://github.com/shivashanmugam/node-lab/blob/master/winston/index.js

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