Why is in the following example the [NotMapped] attribute required:

public virtual ICollection<Blog> Blogs { get; set; }

    public List<Blog> NewBlogs{
            return Blogs.Where(x=>x.Date > DateTime.Now).ToList();

Without the [NotMapped] attribute I get an exception:

Invalid column name Blog_ID

The column name in the database is BlogID.


I would expect, that properties without setter are never directly mapped to the database and automatically ignored by code first.

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with [NotMapped] attribute basically you mark that properties as not an Entity/Properties

so EF will not try to map/fetch that properties from database

that example actually say, NewBlogs is not Entity like Blogs. so stop try to get NewBlogs from database


It is marked as NotMapped because it returns data that is fetched from the DB on-demand instead of representing a separate set of entities to be stored.


Even if the property doesn't have a setter you could have that persisted in the database. i.e.: you have a model Product that sets a property like the Price in the constructor that you don't want to change (doesn't have a setter) but you want that value persisted in the DB

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