I'm writing an application using Spring MVC. I have a method that returns values from a database. And I want to display these values in the site's header (which is shown on all pages). How I can do this?

I need to call this method in every controller.


Declare a class with @ControllerAdvice annotation, then declare a method with @ModelAttribute annotation. For example:

public class GlobalControllerAdvice {

  public void myMethod(Model model) {

    Object myValues = // obtain your data from DB here...

    model.addAttribute("myDbValues", myValues);

Spring MVC will invoke this method before each method in each MVC controller. You will be able to use the myDbValues attribute in all pages.

The @ControllerAdvice class should be in the same Java namespace where all your MVC controllers are (to make sure Spring can detect it automatically).

See the Spring Reference for more details on @ControllerAdvice and @ModelAttribute annotations.

  • Alexey, it works for me. Thank you very much. – Mufanu Dec 20 '13 at 8:51

You could write your own interceptor.

  • Thank you for answer. – Mufanu Dec 20 '13 at 8:51

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