Has anyone gotten the Sample BasicDriveApp App working in Windows 8?


When I build and run the Project I get a message "No Sphero is connected" and when I try to connect the Sphero via Windows 8 Bluetooth it does not work.

Can anyone offer any tips?




It indeed works, I've had some problems with connectivity myself, however.. process I use to restore if all goes awry:

Refresh Sphero (return to base for sleep mode, wait a few seconds, wake up) Refresh Bluetooth in Windows (off / on) without connecting to Sphero

Open your app, wait for it to connect. It'll find Sphero and automatically dig in if all goes well.

[Update] It appears Windows 8.1 doesn't really know what to do with Sphero. It has a hard time reconnecting after the connection is lost, even if you close all instances of the app and toggle through Bluetooth.

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