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I want to add a new Preference Screen in Android Studio. However, I cannot find the menu option to do it.

In Eclipse you would right click the resource directory | New xml file | resource type (preferences)

However, when I try and do this in Android Studio, there is no resource type preferences.

Do I have to do this manually now?

Many thanks for any suggestions,

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The preference option doesn't exist anymore. You will need to right click the res->new->Android resource file and choose the resource type as xml in the dropdown. Then you will manually need to add the layout for preference xml.

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    Why is that? Is this not the official way for a settings menu anymore? Oct 17, 2014 at 14:57

In Android Studio 1.1.0: If you create a SettingsActivity it automatically sets up some xml preference resource files for you.

  1. Under src > main > java, right click a package (e.g. com.company.appname)
  2. New > Activity > Settings Activity
  3. Click Finish to accept the defaults
  4. Notice the new files:
    • SettingsActivity
    • values/strings_activity_settings.xml
    • xml (Directory)
      • pref_data_sync.xml
      • pref_general.xml
      • pref_headers.xml
      • pref_notification.xml

Note: The Activity uses some deprecated code. It might be best to look at the latest documentation for creating a preferences activity: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/preference/PreferenceFragment.html and for creating the XML resource file: http://developer.android.com/reference/android/preference/Preference.html

  • so nice i did not thing about using adding new Activity from there.
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    Jul 19, 2015 at 18:35

What I just did was creating a new "Android resource directory" res->new->Android resource directory. There you choose xml, which creates the xml folder. Right click on this xml folder -> new -> XML resource file and then it proposes Preference Screen.


Try this in Android Studio 1.0.2. File ->New->Other. Select Activity->Settings Activity. Follow the wizard to add it to your application.


Right Click on Folder/Directory -> New -> Xml Resource File. Name the File and create. This will create Preference xml file.


In Windows, Go to Settings Then Double Click on Editor


(For Windows, go to File > Settings > Editor > General) (For Mac, go to Android Studio > Preferences > Editor > General)


In AS 3.2, click on res/xml, type ALT INS, select XML Resource File and you get an empty PreferencesScreen

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