I am trying to check in the internet the answer for this but I find it really hard to get the answer. My samsung s2 storage details are: Device memory - 1.97GB USB storage - 11.49GB I don't have SD card

I am wondering, everytime I download an app, it's being installed in the device memory. If I download a few apps, my phone started to complain of no more space. I really cannot understand why S2 automatically used Device memory for downloaded apps. Also, I cannot even move the installed app to USB storage.

Please advise.

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    Dec 22, 2013 at 14:36

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To free up memory on the S2, dial *#9900#. This will bring up a menu. Select the second option "Delete Dumpstat/logcat". This will free up a lot of Device Memory.

Apps are always installed on Device Memory first. With my phone, I can move installed apps to sd card by going to Settings -> Application Manager, selecting an app and then chossing move to sd card. A 4gb SD card is only a few dollars so might be worth it? If you root your phone, you can set the size of the different memories. But rooting will void your warranty most likely.

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