I'm using jQuery UI Layout plug-in, and I'm seeing that a fixed-width pane changes its width after reducing the window height. I'm seeing this only in IE 9 (when running with a Microsoft VM).

var myLayout = $('body').layout({
    applyDefaultStyles : true,
    closable : false,
    resizable : false, // <-- fixed size
    west__size : 200 // <-- fixed size

If the height is large, everything looks fine:


After reducing the height, the west pane width has reduced (even more than the width of the vertical scrollbar), while the vertical div remained in the same place:


Any ideas how to fix this issue? Adding myLayout.sizePane("west", 200); improves the look, but doesn't fix the issue.

The code: http://jsfiddle.net/getvictor/2xE5f/

You can force the correct size for the west pane by changing the size and changing it back again.

myLayout.sizePane("west", 201);
myLayout.sizePane("west", 200);
$(window).resize(function() {
    myLayout.sizePane("west", 201);
    myLayout.sizePane("west", 200);


This is not a good fix. If the height of the pane changes for other reasons (like re-sizable textarea), the issue will show up again.

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