I am using iCheck plugin for customizing checkboxes. I need to display certain text when one or more checkbox is checked and hide the text when none are checked.

The code I have currently displays the text on first click but doesn't hide it unless I click 2 more times. I have multiple checkboxes and would like to show text if one of 'em are checked else hide the text. Does anybody have any idea? The plugin has:


callbacks....Here is the plugin function

checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_square-blue',
radioClass: 'iradio_square-blue',
increaseArea: '20%' // optional

Here is what I tried..

$('input').on('ifChecked', function(event){


<input type="checkbox">
<div class"hide" style="display:none">Hi there</div>
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    This might give you some direction :) stackoverflow.com/questions/2660323/… P.S. Post is bit convoluted thought I will paste the is(':checked') flag so that you can use it accordingly. flick a jsfiddle I should be able to help you. – Tats_innit Dec 23 '13 at 2:43

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For those who struggle with this:

const value = $('SELECTOR').iCheck('update')[0].checked;

This directly returns true or false as boolean.

  • what need to be pass in place of SELECTOR here ? – Jay Rathod RJ Jul 27 '17 at 13:29
  • it's a jquery selector for example if you want to select a class you need to use .myClass if you want to select an id then you should use #myID – Sercan Ozdemir Jul 27 '17 at 13:31
  • Thanks, this way is also working when checking the input with jquery! – Bassem Shahin Oct 4 '17 at 15:56
  • for me return undefined. TypeError: Cannot read property 'checked' of undefined – user9632001 Jul 16 '18 at 20:17
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    @SercanOzdemir Man you are awesome (y) – Nithee Sep 4 '19 at 15:48

you can get value of checkbox and status by

$('.i-checks').on('ifChanged', function(event) {
    alert('checked = ' + event.target.checked);
    alert('value = ' + event.target.value);

Check this :

var checked = $(".myCheckbox").parent('[class*="icheckbox"]').hasClass("checked");

if(checked) {
  //do stuff
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    This does not work well. I am collecting the checkedclass state of a lot of iCkeck-boxed, but the code that sets the check class is slower than my specific code that reads the class. Thus this method has timing issues and should be avoided. – PIDZB Jun 29 '17 at 12:53

All callbacks and functions are documented here: http://fronteed.com/iCheck/#usage

$('input').iCheck('check'); — change input's state to checked
$('input').iCheck('uncheck'); — remove checked state
$('input').iCheck('toggle'); — toggle checked state
$('input').iCheck('disable'); — change input's state to disabled
$('input').iCheck('enable'); — remove disabled state
$('input').iCheck('indeterminate'); — change input's state to indeterminate
$('input').iCheck('determinate'); — remove indeterminate state
$('input').iCheck('update'); — apply input changes, which were done outside the plugin
$('input').iCheck('destroy'); — remove all traces of iCheck

You just need to use the callbacks, from the documentation: https://github.com/fronteed/iCheck#callbacks

$('input').on('ifChecked', function(event){
  alert(event.type + ' callback');
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    how the hell is this responding to the quetion? The question was clear how to determine if the checkbox is checked or not, not what type of event was raised!! – Adaptabi Oct 28 '15 at 16:17

I wrote some simple thing:

When you initialize icheck as:

    checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_square-blue',
    radioClass: 'iradio_square-blue',
    increaseArea: '20%' // optional

Add this code under it:

$('input').on('ifChecked', function (event){
    $(this).closest("input").attr('checked', true);          
$('input').on('ifUnchecked', function (event) {
    $(this).closest("input").attr('checked', false);

After this you can easily find your original checkbox's state. I wrote this code for using icheck in gridView and accessed its state from server side by C#.

Simply find your checkBox from its id.

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    this is what I was missing from iCheck all the time! Thank you. – mtness Oct 19 '16 at 16:46
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    I would consider to specify the selector to: input[type=checkbox],input[type=radio] – mtness Oct 19 '16 at 16:47

To know if the iCheck box is checked

var isChecked = $("#myicheckboxid").prop("checked");

Use this code for iCheck:

    checkboxClass: 'icheckbox_square-green',
    radioClass: 'iradio_square-green',
}).on('ifChanged', function(e) {
    // Get the field name
    var isChecked = e.currentTarget.checked;

    if (isChecked == true) {




To get the updated markup on the element


Use following code to check if iCheck is checked or not using single method.

$('Selector').on('ifChanged', function(event){

    //Check if checkbox is checked or not
    var checkboxChecked = $(this).is(':checked');

    if(checkboxChecked) {
$('input').on('ifChanged', function(event) {
             if($(".checkbox").is(":checked")) {
                $value = $(this).val();

             else if($(".checkbox").is(":not(:checked)")) {
                $value= $(this).val();

this works for me... try it

// Check #x
$( "#x" ).prop( "checked", true );
// Uncheck #x
$( "#x" ).prop( "checked", false );


You could wrap all your checkboxes in a parent class and check the length of .checked..

if( $('.your-parent-class').find('.checked').length ){

If any one have any interest on multiple icheck(). Then you can go for it with the below one:

$("#mother_checkbox").on("ifChanged", function(){
        if($(this).is(':checked')) {
            $('.child_checkbox').prop('checked', true);
            $('.child_checkbox').prop('checked', false);

It will Check/Uncheck all the child checkbox. Good Day !


Use this method:

$(document).on('ifChanged','SELECTOR', function(event){
  alert(event.type + ' callback');

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