I have made the GUI of my javafx application in scenebuilder. I have correctly made the settings of placing the fxml and my application works perfect. Now I want to add action events to buttons and when a button is clicked, a panel should be shown and when other button is clicked, the other panel should be shown. Please help me. And remember that I am building my interface using scenebuilder i.e using fxml for my interface.

Thank you.

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you can use the following code and hide the panes you want to hide


and appear the new code


here the id is the what u put for "fx:id" in scenebuilder.

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What you can do is to write this code to hide the pane


and show it again by setting the parameters to true

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  • Alright @kleopatra, thanks for the correction. I have updated my answer. – ali sampson Oct 23 at 15:13

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