I'm building a Quartz cron expression to schedule a job to run on a specific day every two years from today. I've tested quite a few but I think one of the following should do the work:

53 18 23 12 ? 2013/2 => starting on year 2013 and on every two years later on
53 18 23 12 ? */2

But both of them fail the Quartz cron expression validation test. What could be the right cron expression?

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Your Cron expression is incomplete. Quartz Cron expressions are made up of seven parts:

  1. Seconds
  2. Minutes
  3. Hours
  4. Day-of-Month
  5. Month
  6. Day-of-Week
  7. Year (optional)

So if you wanted to set up a schedule to run at 11:59pm on Dec 24th every two years starting in 2013, the expression would be:

0 59 23 24 12 ? 2013/2

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