I have an event triggering a Metor.call():

Meteor.call("runCode", myCode, function(err, response) {
  Session.set('code', response);

But my runCode function inside the server's Metheor.methods has inside it a callback too and I can't find a way to make it return something to response in the above code.

runCode: function(myCode) {
  var command = 'pwd';

  child = exec(command, function(error, stdout, stderr) {

    // I Want to return stdout.toString()
    // returning here causes undefined because runCode doesn't actually return

  // I can't really return here because I don't have yet the valuer of stdout.toString();

I'd like a way to have the exec callback return something as runCode without setInterval which would work, but as a hacky way in my opinion.


You should use Future from fibers.

See docs here : https://npmjs.org/package/fibers

Essentially, what you want to do is wait until some asynchronous code is run, then return the result of it in a procedural fashion, this is exactly what Future does.

You will find out more here : https://www.eventedmind.com/feed/Ww3rQrHJo8FLgK7FF

Finally, you might want to use the Async utilities provided by this package : https://github.com/arunoda/meteor-npm, it will make your like easier.

// load future from fibers
var Future=Npm.require("fibers/future");
// load exec
var exec=Npm.require("child_process").exec;

        // this method call won't return immediately, it will wait for the
        // asynchronous code to finish, so we call unblock to allow this client
        // to queue other method calls (see Meteor docs)
        var future=new Future();
        var command=myCode;
                throw new Meteor.Error(500,command+" failed");
        return future.wait();
  • how to return stderr on client, so app won't break if it's error? – mhlavacka Aug 1 '15 at 1:58

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