I am providing -w "LDAP server password" in commandline but i am getting error . ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49).

So basically I am trying to achieve this - A user can reset its password by running a small script but i don't want to expose LDAP password to him . so storing it in script only .

A very simple script -


echo "Welcome" $uid ;

ldappasswd -x -S -D "cn=xxx,dc=xxxxx,dc=xxx" -W -h 'IP address of LDap server' "uid=".$USER.",ou=xxxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxxx" -w "LDAP server password"

Please let me know if there is any other way to achieve this .



Use either -w <newpassword> to provide the password on the command line, or -W to get prompted, but not both. Also, you need to put options in front of arguments. Try ldappasswd -x -w "LDAP server password" -S -D "cn=xxx,dc=xxxxx,dc=xxx" -h 'IP address of LDap server' "uid=$USER,ou=xxxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxxx". Note i removed the dots from around $USER, you need them in perl but not in the shell.

But note that if you put this in a script, your users will need read permission on the script, or the shell won't execute it. Which means they will be able to cat the script and see the password. One workaround would be to make the script rx to the root user only, and allow sudo <yourscript> without password. Also, noone will prevent a user from changing his $USER variable, so your script is easy to hack - better parse the output of the id command, and make sure you don't use root if you do the sudo workaround.

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