I've a client-server application that communicate via Wcf. the client code uses the auto-generated Wcf client proxy.

Because my Wcf Service is behind a load balancer, each call to the service must create a new connection, otherwise my load-balancer would not be able to... well, balance the load.

Testing the following sample code:

ServiceReference1.Service1Client svc = new ServiceReference1.Service1Client();
result = svc.GetData(111);

svc = new Service1Client();
result = svc.GetData(222);

I noticed both instances used the same connection. I tried adding

ClientBase<ConsoleApplication4.ServiceReference1.IService1>.CacheSetting = CacheSetting.AlwaysOff;

But still got the same result. What am I missing? how can I force Wcf so that every new instance of the proxy, a new connection would be created?

  • Are you sure it's a caching issue and not an issue with the InstanceContextMode? The default is PerSession. – Tim Dec 24 '13 at 8:56
  • @Tim - InstanceContextMode determins when should the server create a new instance of the service and when to reuse it. What I'm asking is how to force the client create a new connection – sternr Dec 25 '13 at 9:35

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