I'm dealing with a large single text file (1.5 GB). I have a machine with 16 GB memory, but Xamarin Studio only allows me to compile things into 32-bit executables. So my 16 GB memory could not me utilized fully.

So my question is, how do I compile my code into 64-bit programs in Xamarin Studio in OS X? Are there other ways to break this memory limit set by mono for each process?



You can't yet compile to 64bit or use 64bit native libraries with Xamarin.Mac unfortunately, it's still 32bit only, they are apparently working on it though.

  • Is this still the case? – tdc Jul 30 '14 at 9:06

Xamarin announced the Unified API 32/64 bit for Mac and iOS back in 8/19/2014, so the answer is now: yes.

Assuming you have a installed a 64-bit Mono (& compiler) framework on OS-X as the default install is still 32-bit in order to support GTK# applications. Within Xamarin studio you can change the Mono framework SDK to your 64-bit version that is being used to compile/run.

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