I am trying to send a JSON object through a JAX-RS web service. My file web.xml is:

 <description>JAX-RS Tools Generated - Do not modify</description>
 <servlet-name>JAX-RS Servlet</servlet-name>
  <servlet-name>JAX-RS Servlet</servlet-name>

The class that models the object I want to send is:

public class GPSCoordinate {

private float latitudine;
private float longitudine;

 public float getLatitudine() {
    return latitudine;
public void setLatitudine(float latitudine) {
     this.latitudine = latitudine;
public float getLongitudine() {
    return longitudine;
public void setLongitudine(float longitudine) {
    this.longitudine = longitudine;

The root class resource is:

public class Position {

private UriInfo context;

    public GPSCoordinate getHTML() {

        GPSCoordinate coord = new GPSCoordinate();

        return coord;

Now, when i try to access the service I point my browser to the following link


and i get the following error:

message org.glassfish.jersey.message.internal.MessageBodyProviderNotFoundException: MessageBodyWriter not found for media type=application/json

In my WEB-INF/lib folder I have the last release of jersey JAX-RS implementation (jaxrs-ri-2.5.jar) and the jersey-json.jar archive.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Try adding Genson to your classpath, it will automatically enable JSON support.

Genson is a data-binding and streaming library for json and java/scala. It implements the extension points MessageBodyReader/Writer of JAX-RS, allowing jersey to automatically detect Genson and use it for Json parsing/writing.

You can find some more infos about Gensons integration with JaxRS (jersey & cie).

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    It is a data-binding and streaming library for json. It also implements the extension points MessageBodyReader/Writer of JAX-RS and declares its impl with Javas service loader mechanism, allowing jersey (and others) to automatically detect Genson and use it for Json parsing/writing.
    – eugen
    Feb 14, 2014 at 9:07
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    Do you know how to do the same with XML ? I need to technically understand what you are saying, could you recommend a book or a tutorial other than Jersey's user-guide (v2.5.1) ? I get lost when I start reading it ! Feb 15, 2014 at 9:57
  • If you want to produce xml here is a quick example how to do it with jersey. Concerning how Genson is getting wired with jersey you can read this, this is the basic mechanism proposed by java to provide extension points
    – eugen
    Feb 15, 2014 at 16:31
  • thanks a lot. it worked for me. awesome.. greate help Aug 22, 2015 at 17:12
  • Thank you very much. I still don't understand why this works and all other libraries with "Auto-Discoverable Features” doesn't work, even if I tried using maven and registering classes myself in web.xml...
    – fatihpense
    Nov 3, 2015 at 18:30

Jersey supports 'autodiscoverable' features and JSON support is one of them. In order to enable it, you need to add a compatible library to your path, according to the docs

However, while the recommended jersey-media-json-processing library has not been recognized in my case for some reason, jersey-media-moxy has:


2.15 has been the latest version at the time of writing. Visit the maven central artifact page to find the current version.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. It solved my problem. I see that this dependency has added few org.eclipse.persistence.* dependencies in the project. Are these required?
    – Taher
    May 26, 2015 at 8:35
  • I went through the code. It uses the MOXyJsonProvider class and other classes from that package. So i guess that is fine.
    – Taher
    May 26, 2015 at 8:49
  • @Taher - you're welcome :) as for the dependencies - they are transitive dependencies for moxy & antlr - take a look at the dependency list: mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.glassfish.jersey.media/…
    – kostja
    May 26, 2015 at 8:50
  • Looking at the package org.eclipse.*, my first instinct told me, am I adding some redundant jars (which could be IDE specific, as i use Eclipse for development), but then did some digging around to found the dependencies. Went through the dependency list too that clears everything. Had been trying a couple of things and found another alternate solution with json-jackson. <dependency> <groupId>org.glassfish.jersey.media</groupId> <artifactId>jersey-media-json-jackson</artifactId> <version>2.17</version> </dependency>
    – Taher
    May 26, 2015 at 10:32

Register the JacksonJsonProvier class with the client config and then create the Client object, this worked for me. Below is the code.

    ClientConfig config = new ClientConfig();
    Client client = ClientBuilder.newClient(config);
  • I think that's the problem in the most cases. If automatic registering doesn't work you should try to register it, manually.
    – PAX
    May 25, 2019 at 12:51
  • This worked for me, just incase this helps someone, also added: <dependency> <groupId>org.glassfish.jersey.media</groupId> <artifactId>jersey-media-moxy</artifactId> </dependency>
    – jawn
    Sep 15 at 20:41

This is how I solved the issue.

Used Jackson. Added these jars enter image description here

Added this Class to my project. The key lines of the code are marked IMPORTANT.

import com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.json.JacksonJsonProvider; <-- IMPORTANT
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;
import javax.ws.rs.core.Application;

public class MyApplicationConfig extends Application {

public Set<Class<?>> getClasses() {
    Set<Class<?>> resources = new java.util.HashSet<Class<?>>();
    return resources;

public Set<Object> getSingletons() {
    final Set<Object> instances = new HashSet<Object>();

    instances.add(new JacksonJsonProvider()); <--------- IMPORTANT
    return instances;
 * Do not modify addRestResourceClasses() method.
 * It is automatically populated with
 * all resources defined in the project.
 * If required, comment out calling this method in getClasses().
private void addRestResourceClasses(Set<Class<?>> resources) {



My root cause was slightly different. I spent some time debugging Jersey source code, and it turned out that it fails to construct a JAXBContext due to missing default constructor in my JAXB class. It happens during the search for a suitable MessageBodyWriter, but the exception is not handled.

Here is the corresponding code snippet (MOXyJsonProvider:324):

try {
    Set<Class<?>> domainClasses = getDomainClasses(genericType);
    return getJAXBContext(domainClasses, annotations, mediaType, null);
} catch(JAXBException e) {
    return null;

So, if you have the Moxy JSON dependency in POM, double-check that your JAXB classes are valid.

Versions that I'm using: Jersey 2.19, Moxy 2.6.0.


Go to https://jersey.java.net/documentation/2.5.1/user-guide.html#json

You need to complete your Class.... JAXB needs that, example:

public class MyJaxbBean {

    public String name;

    public int age;

    // several lines removed

It worked for me by adding all required jackson Jars. Added these jars

  • jackson-annotations-2.8.7.jar,
  • jackson-core-2.8.7.jar
  • jackson-databind-2.8.7.jar
  • jackson-jaxrs-base-2.8.7.jar
  • jackson-jaxrs-json-provider-2.8.3.jar
  • jackson-module-jaxb-annotations-2.8.7.jar

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