I'm trying to add a SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULE for a third-party app (in this case django-waffle). However, I do not want to override the migrations in django-waffle, I simply want to run additional migrations. (For my particular use-case I'm trying to create datamigrations which add django-waffle flags.)

The docs and code for SOUTH_MIGRATIONS_MODULES seem to indicate that specifying a migration module for an app will override the app's original migrations.

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When writing a datamigration, you can specify which apps "participate" in the datamigration with the --freeze command line flag. If you have a glue or core app, as I like to call them, just add your datamigration there, and specify --freeze waffle on the command line. You can then access the waffle models via orm['waffle.ModelNameHere'].

This way, you don't need to override anything. You might need to set depends_on to get the migration order right.

  • Thanks, this is what I currently do. I have an app named third where I do migrations for third party apps. However it's getting somewhat messy for my tastes as I continue to add migrations from different apps to it. And I want to avoid adding more apps for the sole purpose of migrations.
    – Ella
    Commented Dec 25, 2013 at 18:45

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