I have to use LINQ/Lambda in stead of ForEach loop. Below is my code

List<CatalogItem> catalogItems = new List<CatalogItem>();
foreach (TreeViewItem item in this.SelectedItems)
    if (item.DataContext is CatalogItem)

I am wondering how to use 'is' operator in LINQ.

I have tried

    .Where(item => item.DataContext is CatalogItem)
    .Select(item => item.DataContext)

but not getting desired result. please help.

  • And when you say "not getting desired result", could you tell us a bit about what you got, and why it wasn't what you wanted? – Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen Dec 25 '13 at 10:22

Try this:

var catalogItems = this.SelectedItems
    .OfType<TreeViewItem>()//If the SelectedItems is IEnumerable
    .Select(item => item.DataContext)

You can try this one:

.Select(item => item.DataContext as CatalogItem)
.Where(item => item != null);

Or like this:

var catalogItems = (from item in SelectedItems 
                    where item.DataContext is CatalogItem 
                    select (CatalogItem) item.DataContext).ToList();

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