Have some PDF files containing annotation in random pages.

All I want Python to do is recognizing the page with annotation and pack those pages in a new pdf file. (What I mean annotation is just some straight or could lines draw by Adobe acrobat pdf reader)

I've studied pyPdf the whole day and just figured out how to use PdfFileReader and PdfFileWriter.

And I still confused how to let python recognize the annotations, or in other words, which page contains such annotations.

I do this task on PYTHON 2.7 on MAC and have already installed pyPdf.

To get my task done, is pyPdf enough or I need other addins? And how can I approach this?

Any of your help would be appreciated.

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Try poppler. Here is an answer where the author parsed annotations from the PDF document using python-poppler: Parse annotations from a pdf

  • I've noticed that post and poppler before, but I thought there would be something more handy. Okay I'm trying to go through poppler first. Thanks any way.
    – Chu Rui
    Dec 25, 2013 at 23:37

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