I have a change_username.php which makes it possible for users to change their username. If they changed their username a page like "Your new username ist xxx" or "xxx is already used" will be displayed.

I don't want to use an echo and put all the HTML stuff in there.

My first idea would be to create another 2 PHP's which then get the username from the change_username.php and display a proper result with HTML.

Are there any alternatives / better ways to do that? Creating files for every result sucks as much as putting the HTML data in an echo.

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If I understood your question correctly you want to include a page with in your PHP: try using this as reference http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_includes.asp

You can include the page using

include 'filename';


<?php include 'menu.php'; ?>

I hope this helps you


I would do it a little bit differently, I think the problem is with managing the code where large page is getting messy. What I do in these cases I just use functions with parameters. So I create a lib.php file, where I store function with HTML blocks of code being echoed. Then when I need I call these functions in the necessary files, just requiring lib.php at the top of my page.

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