does anyone know an open source c# dll for Computational Geometry.

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  • i missed explaining, i meant a dll that is compatible with c#: however, i think LEDA or CGAL are not free. – Bassel Shawi Jan 17 '10 at 0:37

There isn't much out there, unfortunately -- the .NET world seems to suffer from a paucity of good open-source math libraries. The best readily available commercial alternative is probably Ceometric's G#, which is neither free nor open-source.


aforgenet library originally meant for image processing/computer vision/ machine learning AI , does have some good deal of features that can help you! http://www.aforgenet.com/framework/


I'm starting an open-source Computational Geometry library for .NET here: https://github.com/govert/RobustGeometry.NET.

So far I have the robust geometric predicates of Shewchuk ported to C#, and I'm working on a helfedge mesh representation.

Any help would be appreciated!


There is a library named Geolib at http://www.geolib.co.uk/. I am just starting to use it and till now its works fine for me!

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