How can I obtain a link (a URL) to a specific email in GMail? I want to click that link and open the specific email.


I don't know about a specific "email", but you can view a specific thread (which is usually one email) by clicking in the URL bar and copying that. Then, change the label to "all".

So if the url is "https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/abc123def456", you would change "#inbox" to say "#all" like this: "https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#all/abc123def456"

Now the link will work, even after you archive it and it's not in your inbox.


I don't think Gmail can show one email, it always shows a thread. You can look for one message, but still will see the whole thread.

If this is OK for you, the URL is


followed by the message ID (can be found by looking at "show original").

See this question for some more details.

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    use the entire message ID string including the <> signs. Something like <DAEZPf4owLkN5UBjSpN4AcnHFStSyqYz0JJhymkg6gvViXY+YZQ@mail.gmail.com> – chris Aug 2 '18 at 8:52
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    How does this work if the user, that you want to send the link to, has 2 google accounts. For him: u/0 = private and u/1 = work. For me: u/0 = work and u/1 = private? Does this work at all in that case? If not this is only useful if you want to bookmark this link only for your self. – aki Aug 9 '18 at 20:52
  • Note that Google uses lots of punctuation in their msgIDs, which you will likely have to URL encode. E.g., turn + into %2B. – Luke Kanies Jan 21 at 2:18

Since Google introduced the integration of Google Tasks and Gmail a few weeks ago, one way you can get the URL of a specific Gmail email us:

  1. Turn a given Gmail email into a Google Task;
  2. Open the task editing window (you can't perform the next task from the task display, it only seems to work when the task editing function is invoked);
  3. Hover over the link to the originating Gmail email in the next task you just created (the link is at the bottom of the task display);
  4. Use that URL to access the specific Gmail email by clicking on the link in the corresponding Google task or just pop the URL into the URL bar of any browser or other workflow (of course, the session must be logged in to the relevant Google account).


  • This is actually ends up being the same link as the https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#all/abc123def456 suggestion above, but it is good to know it is consistent and there is an easy way to get the link without diving into the nightmare that is "All Mail" with the hundreds if not thousands of unread messages in there. – dragon788 Dec 4 '19 at 19:58

To clarify on the answer provided by Kevin Patel you can get the link directly from your browser, however you must have the reading pane set to "No split", otherwise you get a generic URL.

See here


enter image description hereGmail Sharable Link Creator

Site Link: GmailLink.GitHub.io

Steps to Follow to generate the Link

  1. Get the Message ID Of Mail Thread (Mail > 3 dot menu in Right side (⋮) > Click on Show Original > See the MessageID).

  2. Copy the Message-Id

  3. Use the MessageId & click On Submit to generate the Mail Sharable Link.



You can open up an email that you want in Gmail and after that, you can simply copy the link location from the search bar of your browser. It will create a unique weblink for every single email. It is as simple as that. Example link from gmail


If you are happy with a bookmarklet, you can try adding this to your bookmarks:


It essentially searches the currently focussed email for its data-message-id attribute, and then converts that into a search url using the msgid predicate (this doesn't seem to be documented, but was quite guessable.)

Caveat: Seems to work with or without a preview pane, but this hasn't been extensively tested.

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