I have a function that writes an entry into a table whenever a user makes a change to a record. However, after the function runs, I get an error 3420 'Object invalid or no longer' whenever I try to reference a Me.Recordset object or method in any part of my code. If I restart Access, the problem resets until that function runs again. What can I do to keep this from happening? Code is below:

    Function fAddAuditRecord(lngSysID As Long, intChangeType As Byte, Optional strComments As String, Optional intAttach As Integer, _
    Optional intNewStatus As Integer)
    Dim blnInTrans As Boolean
    On Error GoTo Err_handle
    Select Case intChangeType   'Select comments based on type of change
        Case 1
            strComments = "Record Added"
        Case 2                  
            strComments = "Record Edited" & strComments
        Case 3                  
            strComments = "Attachment " & intAttach & " Created"
        Case 4                  
            strComments = "Status Changed to " & intNewStatus
    End Select
    Dim WS As DAO.Workspace, sqlNewStep As String, dbNewStep As DAO.Database, intNewStep As Byte
    intNewStep = DCount("[StepNumber]", "tblAuditTrack", "[SystemIDCode] = " & lngSysID) + 1
    Set dbNewStep = CurrentDb
    Set WS = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)
    sqlNewStep = "INSERT INTO tblAuditTrack (SystemIDCode, StepNumber, InputUser, DateCreated, Comments, " _
        & "ChangeType) VALUES (" & lngSysID & ", " & intNewStep & ", '" & strUserName & "', Date(), '" _
        & strComments & "', " & intChangeType & ");"

    blnInTrans = True
        dbNewStep.Execute sqlNewStep
    blnInTrans = False
  • Are you setting a recordset in your code? Because this code closes the db and workspace, so there is no open recordset after this code runs. – Johnny Bones Dec 26 '13 at 20:11

It would probably help to see the other code where you're having a problem with Me.Recordset. But first see whether these changes improve the situation.

blnInTrans = False
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  • I was using a Me.Recordcount and Me.CurrentRecord on my main form to show a "Record x of y". I have several other places using a RS.Close or WS.Close (behind command buttons, additional forms). Is it safe to just do a Set RS = Nothing and not RS.Close inside those subs, or do I run the risk of conflicting recordsets? – ThatGuy723 Dec 27 '13 at 13:45
  • 2
    After I did a little more looking, I found a footnote in one of Allen Browne's articles about closing Workspace(0) allenbrowne.com/ser-37.html Thanks for your help – ThatGuy723 Dec 27 '13 at 15:56

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