I have a question about whether it's possible to have text2speech ignore certain words when it's speaking, like instead of reading the "http address, it just skip it.

I am developing a program that help users learn another language.

I.e "Hola = Hello"

Is it possible for the text2speech to ignore hello and just say Hola?

If not that, is it possible to have them both spoken but in their own languages: Spanish and then in English.

The vocab word is on one editText. Because of spacing, I am confined to using one editText. However, if there's a suggestion, please do share.


P.s I am still learning Java/Android, so please don't be shy in explaining it to me like I still learning the ABC of java. :-) Thanks for all your helps.

I am not sure whether this is your requirement, still, you can set the language for the engine. Like:

TextToSpeech tts=new TextToSpeech(this,new TextToSpeech.OnInitListener() {

                public void onInit(int status) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated method stub


Also, instead of asking the tts to skip some, why don't you skip those from the input text? I think that's a better way.

  • Thanks for answering, but that's not exactly what I was asking. It's seemed from the lack of replies, it can't be done. I found a work around thought. :-) – Ann83 Jan 4 '14 at 18:06

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