I'm working on a program to download a video from YouTube, convert it to MP3 and create a directory structure for the files.

My code is:

FileUtils.cd("#{$musicdir}/#{$folder}") do
  if File.exists?('*.mp4')
    puts 'Remove unneeded tempfile'
    Dir['*.mp4'].each do |waste|
    puts 'Temporary file already deleted'

  Dir['*.m4a'].each do |rip|
    puts 'Inside the function'
    puts rip


The first one goes to the already created music folder. Inside that I'm executing get. After that I have two files in the directory: "xyz.mp4" and "xyz.m4a".

I would like to fetch the filename without the extension so I can handle both files differently.

I'm using an array, but an array for just one match sounds crazy for me.

Has anyone another idea?


You can use the following functions for your purpose:

path = "/path/to/xyz.mp4"

File.basename(path)         # => "xyz.mp4"
File.extname(path)          # => ".mp4"
File.basename(path, ".mp4") # => "xyz"
File.basename(path, ".*")   # => "xyz"
File.dirname(path)          # => "/path/to"
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    Note that extn is the string ".mp4" or even the string ".*". – Phrogz Dec 27 '13 at 5:53
  • Thanks. The problem in this case is, that i don't know the filename on that place. I just know that two files existing. One .mp4 and one .m4a. How can i get that filenames? – Sascha Manns Dec 27 '13 at 10:10
  • @saigkill use ".*", wildcard, as Phrogz said if you don't know/care what the extension is. – Travis Reeder Feb 19 '14 at 8:32

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