I've got a process that fetches an image from a given URL and saves it to Google Cloud Storage and retrieves a serving url. Now, my understanding (from the documentation I've read) is that I must also create a blob in the process that references the GCS file. If my understanding is incorrect, please let me know.

The handler that fetches the image and tries to save it is:

img_request = urlfetch.fetch(img_url)
    if img_request.status_code == 200:
        img_title               = hashlib.sha1(img_url).hexdigest()
        img_content             = img_request.content
        img_type                = img_request.headers['content-type']
        cloud_storage_filename  = '/images/%s/%s' % (self.source_name, img_title)

        blobstore_filename      = '/gs%s' % cloud_storage_filename
        blobstore_key           = blobstore.create_gs_key(blobstore_filename)

        cloud_storage_file      = gcs.open(filename=cloud_storage_filename, mode='w', content_type=img_type)

        # If I print blobstore_key at this stage, I am getting a result here.
        blobstore_key           = blobstore.get(blobstore_key).key()
        blobstore_serving_url   = images.get_serving_url(blobstore_key)

        # Structured Property to be part of a Datastore Model
        img_model = data_model.Image(
            s_source_url    = img_url,
            k_blob_key      = blobstore_key,
            s_serving_url   = blobstore_serving_url
        return img_model

This works fine on the dev_appserver, however, in production it raises the following error:

   blobstore_key           = blobstore.get(blobstore_key).key()
   AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'key'

Why is this error being raised in Production and not on the dev_appserver? As if the key is not being generated in the first place...

As I have commented in the code, when I print the blobstore_key before calling blobstore.get(blobstore_key).key(), it does print out a key, so it's working fin until there. The problem is, presumably, when I call blobstore.get() on the key, it gets None... why???

Or am I doing something completely wrong? Thanks!

  • You are probably hitting the same issue I raised with this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/19287709/… For now, I gave up my transition until this is fully clarified. – gae123 Jan 2 '14 at 5:27
  • @gae123 yes, I found your post and it helped me solve the issue for my use case. Since all I needed was to call get_serving_url() on a file uploaded to GCS, according to the documentation I needed to get a blobstore.BlobKey to pass it to get_serving_url, so essentially what I did was to call blobstore.BlobKey(blobstore.create_gs_key(blobstore_filename)) and this returns a BlobKey object which I can then use to call get_serving_url. – Michael Gradek Jan 2 '14 at 20:13

blobstore.get() is a synonym for BlobInfo.get(), and a note on this page says:

However, BlobInfo objects are currently not available for GCS objects.

This would explain why your blobstore.get() returns None.

Also, aren't you expecting to receive the same result from these two lines?

blobstore_key = blobstore.create_gs_key(blobstore_filename)
blobstore_key = blobstore.get(blobstore_key).key()
  • They don't return the same thing. One is a GS key whereas the other is a BlobKey. I need the BlobKey to get the serving_url to actually serve the image. – Michael Gradek Jan 1 '14 at 19:15
  • @MichaelGradek On the linked page there is a note: "Once you obtain a blobKey for the GCS object, you can pass it around, serialize it, and otherwise use it interchangeably anywhere you can use a blobKey for objects stored in Blobstore. This allows for usage where an app stores some data in blobstore and some in GCS, but treats the data otherwise identically by the rest of the app." In the example they present they use blobstore.fetch_data() to get the data from the GS. – erb Jan 1 '14 at 19:54



blobstore_key = blobstore.create_gs_key(blobstore_filename)


blobstore_key = blobstore.BlobKey(blobstore_key)

BlobInfo object from a BlobKey created using blobstore.create_gs_key seems to partially answer my doubts of why it does not work in production. However, how do I get the servng_url for a image then?

  • You don't need a BlobInfo. The blobkey from blobstore.create_gs_key can be passed to images.get_serving_url. However you should note that images.get_serving_url only works on images. For example, it won't work on svg files which render images – N.P Jul 30 at 5:35

It sucks that GAE has different behaviours when using blobInfo in local mode or the production environment, it took me a while to find out that, but a easy solution is that:

You can use a blobReader to access the data when you have the blob_key

def getBlob(blob_key):
  logging.info('getting blob('+blob_key+')')

  with blobstore.BlobReader(blob_key) as f:
    data_list = []
    chunk = f.read(1000)
    while chunk != "":
      chunk = f.read(1000)

    data = "".join(data_list)

  return data`


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