' Create display

' Set properties
Set Disp.Handle.ExcelHandle = myInterface.ExcelHandle
Set Disp.Handle.DispMgrHandle = myInterface
Disp.Handle.InternalMode = InternalMenuitem.Checked
Disp.Handle.TestMode = TestMenuitem.Checked

' Restore the window position of the display
tmp = GetSetting("AppPath\" + s + Disp.name, "Window", "Left", 0)
If 0 <> tmp Then
    width = GetSetting("Teradyne\IG-XL\DisplayManager\" + s + Disp.name, "Window", "Width", 0)
    height = GetSetting("AppPath\" + s + Disp.name, "Window", "Height", 0)
    leftPos = GetSetting("AppPath\" + s + Disp.name, "Window", "Left", 0)
    topPos = GetSetting("AppPath\" + s + Disp.name, "Window", "Top", 0)
    If leftPos >= 0 And topPos >= 0 Then
        Disp.Handle.FormHandle.left = leftPos
        Disp.Handle.FormHandle.Top = topPos
    End If
    If height >= 0 And width >= 0 Then           
        Disp.Handle.FormHandle.height = height
        Disp.Handle.FormHandle.width = width           
    End If
End If

' Make it visible

In the above code, in the line Disp.Handle.FormHandle.left = leftPos, I got the error, Run Time Error -13 : Type Mismatch. But leftPos is always an integer value. When I comment that line, I got the same error in next line. After I comment all the four lines, I got error in Disp.Handle.UnMinimize, if commented that, next line.

I am not able to find why the error happens when there is no type mismatch. Can anyone help on this?

' Function for create ' Start a new copy of the display and save its handle

Public Sub Create()
On Error GoTo errorhandler
Set Me.Handle = CreateObject(Me.name + ".IGXLDebugDisplay")
' Don't call client create yet.  This actually loads the form and is premature here.
 '    Me.Handle.Create
Exit Sub

Set Me.Handle = Nothing
MsgBox "Error creating " + Me.name + Chr$(13) + "Error " + str(Err.Number) + "  " +                                    Err.Description, , "Error"
End Sub
  • You can try debugging this. Set breakpoint on Disp.Handle.FormHandle.Left = .... Do a Quick Watch on Disp, Disp.Handle, Disp.Handle.FormHandle. If that goes well, try to set Disp.Handle.FormHandle.Left to a number. – GTG Dec 30 '13 at 14:40
  • That is not the case. Ok, leave all those position stuff. Before all that, If I give Disp.Handle.Show, I mean right after I create the display, I got the mismatch error for Disp.Handle.Show – Rayner Dec 31 '13 at 5:11

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