By default my gitlab homepage starts www.mydomain.com/users/sign_in. I would like to change this to show 'www.mydomain.com/public' instead. How do I configure this?


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Setting custom startpage for non-logged in users:

  1. From "Admin Area" goto the gear on the left and choose "Settings"
  2. Find parameter "Home page URL" and set it to www.mygitlab.com/explore. Optional set "After sign out path" to same url
  3. Click save

Tested with version is 8.14.4 CE

  • Thank you! Ha ha! What a simple way to do it! And it took them three years to make it a feature. See the link in the comment to my question - I put a feedback and I was told this is an EE feature. I am hoping that GEO is moved to the CE some day :-)
    – Lord Loh.
    Commented Dec 10, 2016 at 0:44
  • 6
    Note as of Gitlab 13.6.1, that setting is under the "Sign-in restrictions" section in Settings->General
    – jgawrych
    Commented Dec 12, 2020 at 7:00

This answer was written while running Gitlab 6. Any instructions may be outdated.

The feature request has been declined so you have to do it on your own and change the source code.

Full tutorial here: Kovah.me DevBlog

Short HowTo:
Open gitlab/app/views/layouts/devise.html.haml and change what you want.

For example you could replace %h1 GitLab with your own logo. Use the image tag for it: %img{:src => "/source/to/image.png"}

But attention! You have to use spaces to indent all elements! And make a backup before running any upgrades.

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