I use the below to create a sum and a cumsum. But they are in two separate dataframes. I want all in one

asp = np.array(np.array([0,0,1]))
asq = np.array(np.array([10,10,20]))
df = pd.DataFrame(asp, index=None, columns=columns)
df['asq'] = asq
df = df.groupby(by=['asp']).sum()
dfcum =df.cumsum()

How do I have both the sum and the cumsum in the same dataframe. Totally not clear how to do this. Below is what I want

     asqsum cumsum
0     20      20
1     20      40

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Maybe you want this?

In [20]: df['asq_cum']=df['asq'].cumsum()

In [21]: df
     asq  asq_cum
0     20       20
1     20       40
  • You sir are the real MVP
    – Sam
    Nov 13, 2018 at 16:50

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