Info: MS Office 2010
Problem(s) Multiple Outlook Profiles & Multiple Calendars & Same date repeated - I want unique only
From: Excel 2010
To: Outlook 2010

I want to create a VBA that will run from Excel to Outlook. I want to create appointments (tasks if it's proven to be far more suitable) based on a date column in my sheet.

The core issues are:
+ I have 3 different profiles, I only want the appointments/tasks showing in 1 profile (Admin).
+ I have different calendars, I would prefer the appointment to be in the default.
+ I want to add categories to my appointment/task + I have 10,000 rows of data, the dates repeat (a lot), I want only unique dates.
+ I do not want to have prior dates creating appointments/tasks (if possible).

I run 2 reports:
1st Tuesday of the month, pulls in all the sales data from previous months. 4 days before EOM I run the report a 2nd time looking for late payments, declines or refunds, as well as distributor payouts.

The appointments/tasks are to be set to match the dates in excel, or to save some column space I would be happy to have it written in to the VBA code to set the appointments:
1st Tuesday Month
4 days before EOM

I have got some great starter code, but because mine has a lot of data that needs to be filtered (unique dates only, and current to future dates preferred), I'm not sure what I need amended in my code to make it suitable for my setup.


My current code
Saved/Created in: Macro enabled spreadsheet, Modules (General, not under the sheet name), Tools/References/Microsoft Office 14.0 Object Library [Checked].

Sub StoreReminders()
Dim appOL As Object
Dim objReminder As Object

Set appOL = GetObject(, "Outlook.application")
Set objReminder = appOL.CreateItem(1) ' olAppointmentItem
Set ws1 = Worksheets("sql all 20131228")

objReminder.Start = ws1.Range("a1") & "10:30"
objReminder.Duration = "05:00"
objReminder.Subject = "EOM Reports #1"
objReminder.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = 30
objReminder.ReminderSet = True
objReminder.Categories = "Acc - 1st Report"
'Becomes: "Acc - EOM Final" when 2nd appointment runs'
objReminder.BusyStatus = olBusy

End Sub  

I am getting an error with some of this, starting with: Set appOL = GetObject(, "Outlook.application")

Any help would be great, I'm cutting & paste code together and I just can't get past the errors.

Thanks in advance :)

I received the following error when I used new code:
Compile Error: User-Defined type not defined

Sub SetAppt()
Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
Dim olApt As AppointmentItem
Dim MySheet As Worksheet

Set MySheet = Worksheets("sql all 20131228")
Set olApp = New Outlook.Application
Set olApt = olApp.CreateItem(olAppointmentItem)

With olApt
    .Start = ws1.Range("n7") + TimeValue("10:30")
    'Time is set to 10:30AM on the date of the reminder'
    .Duration = "05:00"
    .Subject = "EOM Reports #1"
    .Location = "Office"
    .Body = "Start of Month, EOM Reports"
    .BusyStatus = olBusy
    .ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = 60
    .Categories = "Acc - 1st Report"
    'Becomes: "Acc - EOM Final" when 2nd appointment runs'
    .ReminderSet = True
End With

Set olApt = Nothing
Set olApp = Nothing

End Sub  

So, still at square one not even basic code is working, so not sure how to include the advanced (Outlook User Profile, Unique only dates etc).


You need to add the proper Reference to the Outlook VBA module.

Go to Tools-->References and choose "Microsoft Outlook vXX Library"

That should fix the problem.

  • Thank you, there were 2 settings I needed to 'check'. It works but now I need to make sure it opens the correct Outlook Profile "ADMIN", there are no back dated apps made and that it is unique dates only. :) Thanks for the tip to recheck my Reference settings. – MrsAdmin Jan 4 '14 at 6:49

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