My application collects business data from various sources, aggregates it, groups and filters, and needs to display it. Pretty uncommon, right? =)

The point is that I already have a "drill-down" UI, so the Services and Operations people can find their data in the tree view and do their job. But now I also need a shiny high-level dashboard view for the Big Bosses to oversee their whole Kingdom. I guess that should be exactly where the WPF's strength is...

I'm looking at the Dynamic Dashboards website for example and I'd like to know, if there are similar controls available for WPF? Or any other dashboard controls you can recommend?


Check out the WPF Dashboard demo. It comes with source code. Also the WPF Dashboard project on codeplex. The Infragistics Dashboard demo is nice as well.


My decision was to take the DragDockPanel from the Blacklight project. It's both WPF and Silverlight-enabled.

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