If i wanted to simply redirect /clients/page/ to /clients.php?view=page i would use something as simple as this, it works great.

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^clients/([^/]+) /clients.php?section=$1&$2 [NC]

If i had for example, a url like: /clients/page/?name=Tom how could i transfer those HTTP GET variables to a simple url like /clients.php?view=page&name=Tom i have tried and failed.

Any ideas?


I think you can use the [QSA] flag, which stands for Query String Append. This means that you can add variables to the Query String easily:

RewriteRule ^clients/([^/]+) /clients.php?section=$1 [QSA, NC]

I think you're looking for the [QSA] flag on the RewriteRule:


That should cause mod_rewrite to preserve your original query parameters.

RewriteRule ^clients/([^/]+) /clients.php?section=$1 [QSA,NC]

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