In VBA, Is it possible to have a GetElementBySrc command?

My macro is entering data into a webpage textbox and clicking search.

I have a Do function that loops until Internet Explorer is in ready state but Internet Explorer hits a ready state before the search is complete/result page loads.

There's an image "processing.gif" that appears on the search page while waiting for the results to show. I'm thinking I might have more luck if I can write an "If...Then" command that will wait until the image is no longer on the search page.

The tag I'm trying to find will say

<img alt="search" src"images/processing.gif" />


I was thinking about something like this.

  If IE.Document.GetElementsByTagName("img").Attributes("src").Value = "images/processing.gif" Is Nothing Then
      Exit Do
  End If

Here's what I've used in similar circumstances...

Do Until InStr(1, ie.Document.body.innerhtml, "images/processing.gif", vbTextCompare) = 0
  • That works great and exactly what i was looking to do. unfortunately, the processing gif wasn't showing in the source. I ended up finding an html element unique to my results page and made a loop until that element exists. Thank you though, this will definitely come in handy. – TPJ87 Jan 3 '14 at 18:43

You can grab the img elements and just loop through till you get the innertext as well

dim imgElm

for each imgElm in ie.Document.getElementsByTagName("img")
    if imgElm.innertext = "images/processing.gif" then
    'do something
    exit for
    end if

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