I am using the gem redis store for my rails sessions.

My config/initializers/session_store.rb

MYAPP::Application.config.session_store :redis_store, key: '_my_app_session',
  :servers =>{
    :host => ENV["REDIS_HOST"],
    :port => ENV["REDIS_PORT"],
    :namespace => "MYAPP::WEB",
    :expires_in => 20.minutes

Even though I have expires_in 20.minutes in my session_store.rb, my sessions are not getting cleared in my redis server.

Should I do any extra configurations?


It was a pretty simple fix.

I had used :expires_in => 20.minutes within the :servers block. It should be outside :servers block. So I made my config like this

MyAPP::Application.config.session_store :redis_store, key: '_my_app_session',
  :servers =>{
    :host => ENV["REDIS_HOST"],
    :port => ENV["REDIS_PORT"],
    :namespace => "MYAPP::WEB"
  :expires_in => 20.minutes

Now it works perfectly.

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