I'm working on a custom Plymouth splash for Kubuntu. I'm attempting to make an image rotate as the system is loading. I have tested it using both reboots and the X11 plugin and have been unsuccessful in both. Here's the .script file:

spiral_image = Image("Splash.png");
spiral_sprite = Sprite(spiral_image);

spiral_sprite.SetX(window.GetWidth() /2 - spiral_image.GetWidth() /2);
spiral_sprite.SetY(window.GetHeight() /2 - spiral_image.GetHeight() /2);

fun refresh_callback ()
theta = time / 100;
Plymouth.SetRefreshFunction (refresh_callback);

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You need to rotate the image, not the sprite:

fun refresh_callback () {
  theta = time / 100;
  spiral_sprite.SetImage( spiral_image.Rotate(theta) );

As per official documentation, in case anyone finds this question before they manage to find Plymouth documentation.

(Extra notes, slightly off-topic: Documentation says that default text colour is white. Don't count on that too much, it's black.)


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