How can I edit the value's in a xml file using simpleXML ?

I know how to create the file, but not how to edit the value in an existing file ?


Sure you can edit with SimpleXML:

$input = <<<END
<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($input);
$xml->document[0]->name = 'spec.pdf';
$output = $xml->asXML();

Take a look at the examples.


Load your XML with SimpleXML and make the changes. Then you can use the asXML method to save the XML to a file (you pass the filename as the argument):

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement( $xmlString );
// do the manipulation here
$xml->asXML ( '/path/to/your/file.xml' );

Keep in mind that although you can edit XML with SimpleXML, there are limitations. For example, you can remove or delete a node or element. You can clear it so that its blank, but you can't eliminate it altogether. For that, you need DOM, or something like that.


I am working like this (it's quite the same but it could help): The file test.xml could be any extension as long as it's a plain xml text.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <ANode SomeAttr="Green" OtherAttr="Small"/>This is the text I'm changing.</ANode>

And the PHP code:

$xml=simplexml_load_file("test.xml") or die("Error: Cannot create object");
$SomeVar="<b>Text. This supports html code.</b><br/>I also work with variables, like GET or POST.";

Results test.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <ANode SomeAttr="Green" OtherAttr="Small"/>&lt;b&gt;Text. This supports html code.&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br/&gt;I also work with variables, like GET or POST.</ANode>

Hope it helps!

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